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Whole Life Expo Lecture Series


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In this talk, Rodney Palmer, founder of SaunaRay, delivers the latest research on detoxing pesticides, heavy metals, and more through the skin to prevent and sometimes even reverse disease. For information on Whole Life Expo 2018, visit: www.wholelifeexpo.ca “To Purchase Lecture Recordings From Previous Years Click The Link Below” Whole Life Expo lecture recordings shop: http://shop.wholelifeexpo.webcast.guru



Whole Life Expo 2017 Featured on Breakfast Television w/ Julie Daniluk

Breakfast Television

Nutritionist Julie Daniluk is in studio with some healthy snacks for Halloween.

A Video Tour of Whole Life Expo 2016

A Video Tour of Whole Life Expo 2016: People love coming to the show because it gives them a chance to try delicious foods and drinks, sample the latest superfoods, and explore the top nutrients for their needs.  As Canada’s largest showcase of natural health and green living, this annual event brings together hundreds of exhibitors, and over 80 lectures – it’s a great opportunity to get up close and personal with all the best natural health strategies and therapists. “This is a beautiful cornucopia of healthy choices for body and mind, all under one roof for 3 days at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.” Video narrated by Julie Daniluk, RHN, author, speaker, and holistic nutritionist. Visit www.wholelifeexpo.ca for information on Whole Life Expo 2017.

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Essential Oils for Health, Beauty and Home Cleaning @ Whole Life Expo

An interview with Sabina Devita, Ed.D on “The Power of Essential Oils for Health, Beauty and Home Cleaning”. Sabina Devita is an author, founder of Institute of Energy Wellness Studies, and distributor of Young Living Essential Oils. Young Living Essential Oils are made from organic, gmo-free plants grown on nutrient-enriched soil. To learn more about the healing properties of these oils visit: www.youngliving.com/en_CA/discover/natural-remedies

For more information on Sabina Devita’s books and service, visit: www.youngliving.org/DRSDEVITA or call 905-451-5036 (Brampton)

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Health Benefits of Artisanal Shea Butter @ Whole Life Expo

An Interview with Saidou on health benefits of artisanal shea butter from West Africa. Saidou Maiga founded his company in order to share the many benefits of homemade Shea Butter with the world. Based in Toronto, Maiga Shea butter has its processing operations in Burkina Faso West Africa, where it helps to improve and uplift the socioeconomic conditions of the people there.
Maiga Shea Butter products are available in health food stores across Canada and online. For more information or to order online, visit www.maiga.com, or call: 1-519-624-8557, or 1-866-345-0857. Email: info@maiga.com.

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Top Nutrients for Mental and Emotional Health @ Whole Life Expo 2016

This is an interview with Amanda Burke, CNP, on “Top Nutrients for Mental and Emotional Health”, conducted at Whole Life Expo 2016, October 22. The interview covers the nutritional benefits of Magnesium Threonate, vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, ashwagandha, and more for reducing stress, alleviating insomnia, and lowering fatigue and anxiety.  For more information on the recommended nutrients, visit: https://nakapro.com/products/

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Healthy Planet @ Whole Life Expo

Bringing you high quality supplements, vitamins, health foods, bath & beauty and eco friendly products at the lowest possible prices. We have friendly and well-trained professionals, who will help you make educated decisions about the products that are most suitable for you. Visit our booths at Whole Life Expo for great selection and show specials. www.healthyplanetcanada.com

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Whole Life Expo 2015 Lecture Clip – Cass Ingram (Chicago, Ill)

Bestselling author and nutritional expert, Cass Ingram, explains how mountain-grown oil of oregano can kill a broad range of infectious germs. This in turn allows the immune system to recover its strength and vitality. (10 minute excerpt from his lecture at Whole Life Expo)

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Whole Life Expo 2015 – Dana Colson Lecture Clip

“Toronto dentist, Dana Colson, explains how wellness-based dentistry can give you a healthy and beautiful smile.” (10 minute clip from her lecture at Whole Life Expo) http://wholelifeexpo.ca/

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A Video Tour of Whole Life Expo 2014

This is Canada’s most popular health show where people come to sample the latest healthy foods, taste nutritious power drinks and herbal teas, and indulge in relaxing, anti-aging treatments — all under one roof. Over 200 exhibitors bring all the best products and services from across North America for 3 days of fun, food, and new discoveries at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. To see the complete program for 2015, visit: www.wholelifeexpo.ca

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